Artificial Intelligence Shopping Cart Systems

Tracxpoint Overview:

World's First Modular
Artificial Intelligence 'Smart-Cart'

Tracxpoint (formerly Magicart) is a loss-prevention system designed to keep shopping carts from becoming a liability to retail stores.

AI 'Smart-Carts' + Deep Learning

The Tracxpoint AiC® & the CHECXiN® cart management system revolutionizes the supermarket shopping experience with sensor fusion and machine learning technology.

The smart IoT cart recognizes the shopper, loads their shopping list and buying patterns suggesting compatible products and providing the most valuable offer.

The cart’s sensors add and deduct the cost of each item placed in, or removed from the cart, weighing the product for secured auditing purposes.

On-board, the AiC® allows the shopper bypasses cashier queue and leaves the store through the payment zone as the cart automatically charges their credit card after they finished shopping.

Supermarkets and suppliers benefit by communicating directly with their customers in real time, recognizing their shopping patterns allowing them to get customized promotions.

Carts are returned to a secure location eliminating theft.

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