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Cultivating the Standard in Medical Cannabis Production

THERAPiN® Overview:

Medical Grade Cannabis

THERAPiN grows and manufactures premium cannabis products with the latest technologies and highest recommended standards.

Cultivating the Future of Cannabis

THERAPiN is one of the only entities in Israel that holds four licenses out of the five stages of production of medical cannabis, and is currently awaiting the fifth license relating to distribution and marketing permits in pharmacies. 

This fact will make the company FULLY INTEGRATED, which will allow it comprehensive and optimal supervision of the development processes, from the multiplication unit stage to the arrival of a finished medical product and ensuring the arrival of a quality product for patients.

THERAPiN has recruited experienced botanists from among experts in the agricultural industry, as well as the best professionals who specialize in creating a controlled growing environment, facilities and pharmacy aids, for the purpose of developing medical products and preparations for clinical use.

A private company, THERAPiN focuses on medical cannabis products that will meet adequate and strict growth and production standards, according to the standards of the YACR (Medical Cannabis Unit of the Ministry of Health) and European authorities, the products in development will be at Medical Grade level for medical research and development along with consumer products for various cannabis-based industries.


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